Allow us to propose a joint unique and dynamic cultural project. This project involves the screening of the first animated film in the history of film making “The Adventures of Prince Achmed”, along with a live Jordanian musical performance.
The Adventures of Prince Achmed”, was produced and directed in Germany by Lotte Reiniger between (1923- 1926). Reiniger was one of the very few film animators to achieve international recognition. The film is enhancing with its filigree figures as well as fantasy-filled two dimensional ornamentation. It was produced by hand, consisting of approximately 100, 000 pictures!
A live performance will accompany this innovative animation film; this will involve original Jordanian compositions by Agnes Bashirand Elia Khoury. This performance brings the best out of both eastern and western cultures. The eastern European as well as the classical western influence in Bashir’s music is contrasted by Khoury’s experimental and cross cultural approach on Middle Eastern music.
The film comes down through the years as both boldly innovative in its approach to animation yet charmingly fey in its adaptation of the ancient (Arabian Nights) tales. The original music for the film was composed by Wolfgang Zeller. This was followed by another musical arrangement by Zeller himself and Muller-Hornbach in 1983 for orchestra. Moreover, Pierre Oser wrote a new arrangement after the original score for two pianos in 1991.
Furthermore, our suggestion that entails the performance will include original Jordanian soundtracks performed live for the silent movie by the Nawazen - Elia Khoury Group and the Chamber Ensemble. The contrast in sound produced by the two ensembles (approximately 30 musicians or more) carries the audience through an exceptional artistic journey.
After the big success of the previous event and to keep this project alive we have some suggestions that will enable us to continue and grow this project to an international level to represent our local talents globally. Please find in the next page our recommendations and we hope that you can contribute to fulfill our vision.
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Agnes Bashir- Dzodtsoeva I.O.M. (Cambridge) (President of A.A.W.M.)

Agnes Bashir was born in Tbilisi (Georgia).At age of six she manifested talent for music. Since then she has pursued serious music studies at the Musical School (Primary and Secondary) in the city Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia). At the age of 14 she participated in Competition for performing Music of 20 century where she won Prize.She graduated from the Russian Academy of Music in the name of “Gnesin’s” in Moscow in 1968.  She received her Master degree in Musicology, Composition and Piano.

After marrying Mr. Fikri Bashir, a fellow Iraqi musician in Moscow, Agnes moved to Iraq and since then has worked as a concert pianist, composer, music teacher at The Music and Ballet school and Fine Arts Institute and was involved   in organizing concerts and special musical events and Festivals. Along with her husband, Agnes was one of founders of the Music and Ballet School,Baghdad Chamber Ensemble and participated in reorganization of Symphonic Orchestra.In 1990 Agnes Bashir was awarded the First Prize for composition by the Ministry Of Culture and Information (Baghdad).

Since 1992 she resided in Amman, Jordan. She worked with National Music Conservatory and participated in Jarash Festival in 1994,1995 performing her own compositions In 1996 she participated in the Spring Festival in Paris (France) and 10th International Congress for “Women in Music” in Los-Angeles (USA) and contributed in Fuiggi Festival, where she became an Honorary Member Adkins-Chitti Foundation.


Nawazen – Elia Khoury

Nawazen,” by definition implies new beginnings in music and musical performance.  In direction and aesthetics this group seeks to forge new cross-cultural dialogues between various Persian, Turkish, Arab, and European classical art musics.  This newly formed collection of dedicated musicians performs internationally for the specific purpose of increasing the awareness of and appreciation for Middle Eastern music and culture.  Through musical performance Nawazen strives to meld different musical worlds, evoking emotionally and rhythmically charged dialogues between East and West.  These new beginnings in music coalesce from the revival of traditional Middle Eastern musical heritage and the blending of contemporary compositions inspired by elements of world beat and jazz.  Nawazen’s instrumentation reflects this aesthetic by blending the Arab oud, violin, and qanun with the Western piano.  Melodic energy then comes from the Middle Eastern instruments while rhythmic energy flows from the piano and various percussions.  The subsequent integration of jazz harmonies and global rhythms with the established great tradition of Middle Eastern modal composition creates a new beginning and a new direction in musical performance. 

Elia A. Khoury

Born in Amman in 1976, he started playing Oud at the National Music Conservatory – Noor al Hussein Foundation in 1991. After finishing his high school, he joined Al-Yarmouk University (Faculty of Fine Arts – Music) and graduated with the Bachelor of Arts degree in 1999. In the same year, he was granted a scholarship from the Turkish Government to continue his Masters. His Master dissertation was on the differences between the Arabic and Turkish schools in playing the Oud and The role of Sharif Muhiddin Haidar in improving the techniques of the instrument, he graduated with distinction.

He also played cello for four years and was a member of the NMC’s orchestra. He was lucky to undertake Master classes with the late renowned Oud Master Mounir Bashir,

He continued working with Turkish master musicians like Mutlu Torun and İhsan Özgen and others. He participated in most of the NMC’s concerts and activities in Jordan. He gave performances in USA, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Germany, Turkey, France, Syria, Lebanon & Holland. He was the principal Oud instructor at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Al-Yarmouk University for one year; currently he is a faculty member and the Deputy of Cultural Events at the Arts and Design College at Jordan University. The Nawazen – Elia Khoury Album was released in September 2003.


Selected Performances

ZARA EXPO Theater 

Royal Cultural Center - Amman.

 Beirut, Art Lounge
 Amman, Al-Balad Theater