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Report Presented to UNESCO
Summer School “Healing through Music” for talented Iraqi students of the Music and Ballet school based in Amman (Jordan)


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We were honored that The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization UNESCO accepted initiative of AAWM in organizing Summer School during summer 2006 in the city of Amman (Jordan) at the premises of The Performing Arts Center due difficult political situation in Iraq at the time being. This type of training provided students with new information and methods used in the World and  helped them be out of the stressed daily situation they face in Baghdad. The same time it helped us to discover new talents and develop them creativity during 25 days of training.
Whole Project was going under the patronage of H.R.H. Princess Basma bint Talal who kindly attended opening and closing ceremony of the summer school and was pleased with student’s achievement.
Target participants were youth age 9-16  who have shown talent in music and ballet. This was necessary so that they were able to participate in the studies and discussions about music and ballet and were able to present a concert as a result of their training.
We were able to join some Jordanian talented students along with Iraqi students to create connection between young musicians of two Arab countries on the field of Music.
Total number of participants were: 13 students of music( 7 violinists,3 pianists, 1 flute, 1oboe, 1 clarinet) and 5 students of ballet department.
We expected more students but some of them were not able to reach Amman due problems with passports.
Three teachers from Iraq were supervising delegation.
They arrived on the 24th of July and left on the 17th of August. Accommodation of delegation took place in the historical city of Madaba at the premises of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Iraqi Instructors and students:

1. Majed Hussein al-Azzawi  - music  teacher, Head of  Iraqi Delegation


Mohammad Majed Hussein - Violin
Media Sarmad Akram -Violin
Fahad Faleh Saleh    -  Violin
Duaa Faeq Abboud  -   Violin
Alan Azad Mohammad – Violin
Shehad Mohammad Kamal – Violin
Sally Majed - Violin  
Sarah Majed  -  Flute
Duaa Majed al-Azzawi  -  Oboe
Sevak Sitrak  Antranek-  Clarinet
Samara Majed Hussein-Piano
Zuhel Ahmad Mohammad – Piano
Tami Kamal  -  Piano

Ballet  instructors and students :

Ghada Munther Salem  - Ballet Instructor
Nada Subhi al-Ta'i  -  Administrative Assistant                       
Rula Amer Musa
Balsam Anwar Khalil
Rania Isam Ahmad
Rula Falah Saleh
Ahmad Isam


Staff of the Summer School
 Agnes Bashir-Dzodtsoeva I.O.M. (Cambridge)
 President of AAWM. Professor of Music at Jordan University and Jordan   Academy of Music. Director of the Project, Composer and   Pianist.                                                                                                                                                
                    Conductor of the Project Orchestra
 Lina Attel – Director General of PAC (Noor Al-Hussein Foundation)

 Fikri Bashir     -  (Violin, Chamber Music). Master's Degree from   
                     Tchaikovsky Conservatory (Moscow). Professor of Violin at  the Fine Arts Institute (Baghdad). Director of Music and Ballet School   (1980-1982).Art Director of Music and Ballet school until 1993.
        Professor of Violin at the NMC, Amman (from 1994 till present day) 
Mary Hallak    -  (Music Theory). member of AAWM, Vice-President of its 1st committee. Royal Schools of Music in Theory and Piano

Ahmad Ali  - (Oboe). Diploma of Arts from Music and Ballet School.   Member of  The Iraqi Symphony Orchestra.  At present – Instructor at the NMC,Amman. Member of the Symphony Orchestra of NMC.
Ahmad Ali Hamed – (Cello). Baccalaureate in Music from Baghdad University. Member of the  Iraqi Symphony Orchestra. At present – Instructor at the NMC,  Member of the Symphony Orchestra of NMC, Amman
           Hisham Sharaf -  (Clarinet). Diploma of Arts from Music and Ballet  School.  Assistant Director of The Arab Academy of Music.

Suren Amirkhanyan – (Flute). Master in Music, Instructor of the National Music Conservatory. Member of the Symphony Orchestra of NMC (Amman)

Bashar Matti – (Violin). Diploma of Fine Arts Institute (Baghdad). Member of the Iraqi Symphony Orchestra. At present . Member of the NMC Symphony Orchestra, Amman

Rania Kamhawi – Deputy Director  of PAC,(Noor al-_Hussein Foundation), Director of Dance Department
 Bashar Nida'a Qathem  -  Ballet Instructor at the CMS school, Amman. Diploma of  Ballet.
 Mohannad al-Nawafleh  -  Acting Instructor at the PAC (Noor al-Hussein Foundation)

Marina Drnisova-Mango  -  member of AAWM,  Press and Administration                                    

Mohammad Badran – Financial Manager of AAWM

Reem  Arida  -  Public relations at PAC (Noor al-Hussein Foundation)

 Randa Fakhoury  -  Executive Secretary of PAC (Nool al-Hussein Foundation)

Young Jordanian participants of the Project:

Naser Al Bashir, Khalid Al Bashir,  Phedra Abi Haider, Hamza Atari, Muaed Subhi.


Students of the Jordan University (College Arts and Design):
Maria Moumeni, Noor Al Taji,

Guest of Honor:

Karim Said – famous Jordanian Pianist, winner of Competitions. He performed  for students on the 13th of August and gave Master class on Piano

Schedule of the activities:

25.07 – Beginning of intensive classes
26.07 – Opening Ceremony of the Project “Healing through Music” at the Performing Arts Center under the patronage of H.R.H.Princess Basma Bint Talal at the presence of diplomatic corps, sponsors and guests:
1)National Anthem
2)Welcoming speech by Mrs. Lina Attel, Director General of the PAC
3)Introduction to the Project by Mrs. Agnes Bashir,President of AAWM.
4) Short film about “Music and Ballet School” in Baghdad
5)Speech by representative of UNESCO
6) Violin peace performed by Hamza Atari from Jordan
7) Speech by representative of UNICEF
8) Speech by Zohal Ahmad ,student from Iraq
9) Flute piece performed by Sara Majed from Iraq
10) Piano piece performed by Tami Kamal from Iraq
11) Dance performed by the PAC Dance Theatre Troup, presented by Rania Kamhawi,Deputy Director of PAC
12) Closing remarks by H.E. Mrs. Muna Zawaideh, Vice President of AAWM
27.07 intensive classes
28.07(Friday) Trip to Umm Qais and Jarash
30.07- 03.08 intensive classes
04.08(Friday) Trip to Mount Nebo and Dead Sea
06.08-10.08 intensive classes
11.08-12.08 Trip to Petra and Akaba
13.08-14.08 intensive classes
15.08 at 7 p.m. Concert for Peace at the New Orthodox School of Madaba
16.08 at 8 p.m. Concert for Peace at the Royal Cultural Center of Amman
Program of the Concert includes music that students study during the Project under direction of the teaching staff.

Certificates and gifts were distributed at the Closing Ceremony at the Royal Cultural Center by H.R.H.Princess Basma Bint Talal.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies were filmed and documented as well as the entire project.
Many interview were taken by local and international Press as well as TV.
Film about Project and historical facts about Music and Ballet School were produced during this period.
Project had strong resonance in the local and international press and we hope that we can enlarge project and invite more young musicians from other Arab Countries.

Main supporter’s of the Project were Arab Alliance of Women in Music,UNESCO (Iraqi office), mtc Atheer Mobile Telecom in Iraq, UNICEF(Iraq Support Center in Amman) , US Embassy in Baghdad,Fastlink(Jordan) and some individuals.


The objectives of the project of AAWM were to:


All objectives were full field during the Project

                 Program of Activities


The project of AAWM included rich Program of activities conducted by distinguished specialists in the field of musical and Ballet education.


Program of activities was full field as planned


                 Documentation of the Project Activities


At the end of the project the AAWM presented the following to the UNESCO:

Repeat such courses during winter and summer holydays as a step to revive educational and performing skills of Iraqi students and contact them with students from other Arabic and European countries.

We would like to mention that some of members of a team were involved with musical institutions in Iraq earlier and 3 generation of graduators of the school were working together during the project.

New experience and contacts with world musical institutions will help for a future development and rehabilitation of the Musical Education in Iraq.
Agnes Bashir-Dzodtsoeva I.O.M.(Cambridge)
President of AAWM